Attention! Information for foreign media!

Dear representatives of the foreign media, NSC "Olimpiyskiy" and football club “Dynamo” (Kyiv) respectfully request that you come to the arena in advance in order to prevent the occurrence of emergency situations and ensure security for passage to the territory of the stadium!

We would like to draw your attention that there is a special entrance for media representatives. It can be found form the side of Velyka Vasylkivska Str. (Olimpiyska subway station, through Troitska Square) - West 5 (respectively scheme).

There are also zones available for work of the press, with separate premises with computers, photographers' zone, coffee break zone, press conference zone and mix-zone.

For recording media representatives there are special seats (according to the number on your accreditation) on the second tier of the stadium in sector 72. The sector is located in the central part of block A, from the side of  Velyka Vasylkivska Str., opposite the large hotel building (Olimpiyska subway station, through Troitska Square).

We ask respectively to adjust You schedule and route and come to the game in advance. The gates of Olimpiyskiy arena open for media in two hours before the start whistle at 18:00.

Respect Your time. See You on the football! 

NSC “Olimpiyskiy” Press Office

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