Congratulations on the International Day of chess!

Every year, on July 20, the World Chess Federation (FIDE), starting from 1966, is celebrating worldwide the International Day of chess.

India is considered to be the homeland of this game, where the predecessor of chess appeared in the 1st cent. BC. According to the old tradition the game was invented by one brahmin, who asked for his invention from raja as much of wheat grains, as many can show the chess board. But this is a legend ... Scientists, basing on the results of archaeological excavations came to the conclusion that the games, connected with the movement of firgures on the board, were already known in the III - IV cent. BC.

Since early 1930s, an important role in the development of chess played soviet school. Chess learned to play from the very childhood and not only in chess sections, but also in ordinary schools. Since the late 1940s and before the collapse of the USSR soviet chess players considered to be the strongest by the world chess ratings.

Today, the chess is a popular game, being recognized as the Olympic sport discipline. More than 25% of the population of the planet play chess which speaks for the significance of this kind of sport.

90-year history of the main sports arena of Ukraine - NSC Olimpiyskiy has a lot of common this game.

In 1923, after opening of the Red Stadium chess was played right on the field. And the role of figures was performed by live athletes, including mounted ones! 90 years passed and the great chess has returned to Olimpiyskiy. In 2013 there was held the 1st international chess tournament Sberbank Open, which was attended by more than ten stars of the world level, such as: acting world champion in rapid chess Russian Grandmaster, Sergey Karyakin, the 6th champion of the world according to FIDE Veselin Topalov (Bulgaria), Hungarian chess player and chess Grandmaster Peter Leko (Hungary), and also the 12th world chess champion, international grandmaster, honored master of sports of the USSR, Anatoly Karpov.

There are unique exhibits left in memory of this tournament in the expo of the history museum at NSC Olimpiyskiy, which will be interesting not only for chess fans, but any person who knows about famous chess players.

NSC Olimpiyskiy Collective congratulates all fans of one of the oldest games in history on the International Day of Chess! Remember, that being a queen is better than a pawn and being a player is better than figure in someone's game. Congratulations on the most intellectual game!

NSC Olimpiyskiy Collective

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