NSC «Olimpiyskiy» congratulates everyone on World Kiss Day!

The most unusual holiday celebrated by people is a World Kiss Day. How did it appear in our life? One legend has it that when you kiss someone your souls unite, that is why every marriage ceremony ends up with a kiss. Another version says that people kiss each other in order to learn each other «spiritually», to see if they match. This holiday came to us from Britain and later it was adopted by UN as an official international holiday celebrated on the 6th of July every year (World Kiss Day or World/International Kissing Day).

And it is no coincidence that this day is celebrated in summer, because the kiss is created to give the warmest feelings and sunny emotions!

NSC «Olimpiyskiy» congratulates all Ukrainians, Kyivites and city guests on such bright holiday!

May you be kissed (not only today) only by your beloved ones so good that you lose your mind!

NSC «Olimpiyskiy» Collective

Famous kissers:

1. One American A. E. Volfram from Minnesota state kissed 8001 person within 8 hours on the 15th of September in 1990 at the festival in his state. Thus, he kissed a new person each 3.6 second.

2. First kiss in cinema: 1896. It was displayed by May Irwin and John S. Raye in Thomas Edison’s 30 sec movie called «A kiss».

3. «Don Juan» is the most saturated with kisses movie (1926, Warner Bros. Pictures). There we counted 191 kisses.

4. The longest kiss in history of cinema: Regis Toomey and Jane Wyman were kissing for 185 sec in «You're in the Army Now» movie (1940), which is 4% of the movie length.

Interesting facts:

1. The ancient Greek philosopher Platon called kiss an «exchange between two souls».

2. Today, some doctors call kiss some kind of cramp or spasm, which involves 29 large and small muscles.

3. In each kiss – lips to lips – we use up to 34 different muscles. Of course we burn calories when we are kissing. Three minutes of kissing and 12 calories are gone.

4. Researches show that those who frequently kiss, rarely suffer from diseases of the stomach, gall bladder, circulatory system and, in addition, better sleep.

5. Kisses prevent the formation of wrinkles as they train face muscles better than any massage.

6. Your heartbeat rises up to 150 during the kissing.

7. Psychologists state that kiss relaxes your nervous system and prevents stress.

8. Those who like kissing are often appear to be optimists, they’re confident in their abilities and achieve faster professional and personal success.

9. A kiss is an entire «bouquet» of chemical reactions. During the kiss partners exchange 7 mg of fats, 0.7 mg of protein and 0.45 mg of various salts.

10. Inuit (Eskimos) fear to frostbite their lips while kissing in the cold arctic conditions. That is why they rub their noses at the meeting.

11. In the south-east of India and in Lapland there was adopted a respectful pull of the nose to the cheek of your counterparts instead of kissing, making a deep, noticeable sigh.

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